Input From May 4th Open House

On May 4, the City hosted an open house to gather input regarding potential improvements for Founders Park at the northwest intersection of S. Church Street and Ninth Street, behind Grace Heritage Center, 811 S. Main Street.  Attendees had the opportunity to comment on proposed improvements options, as well as write down their own ideas.  Feedback from the public can be see below.

Founders Park Site Plan

Prioritization of Elements From Open House Attendees

(Green dots indicate the most preferred options, red dots indicate the lease preferred option. )


Founders Park Open House Input

The following bullet points combine the general public-provided input on proposed elements to be added to the park:

  • Play up history (“FOUNDERS Park”)
  • Doesn’t need to be kid-centric, lots of nearby options for that already
  • Some shrubs and a picnic table
  • You don’t have to compete with the Army Corps of Engineers
  • Gratuitous open space is the hallmark of a great city. Leave it alone or add a picnic table or bench and replace trees lost in 2011 drought. It’s not broke, don’t fix it.
  • This is a historic area
  • Love the waterfall and seating area
  • Love it plain and green, parking lots are all around
  • Change nothing please
  • Leave it quite, peaceful, green
  • Love green space, keep as is or possible beautification landscape
  • Serene/Sanctuary – keep green please – incorporate natural elements – water, stone, plants, wood – no metal please, no playscape
  • Park rental opportunity?
  • Aesthetics are important
  • As weddings occur at Heritage Center and Sweet Lemon Inn receptions can spill into park
  • Minimize use of mulch/concrete/ decomposed granite
  • “Marry” space with beauty of Heritage Center and Sweet Lemon Inn
  • Seat walls are good, keep it green, add tables, more seating
  • Keep it green! Why mess up a good thing!
  • Focus on historic aspects of the park
  • Additional seating and art or water feature or both
  • Playscape could work if it fits in with the historical significance of the space
  • Bike rack
  • I love the fact that this improvement is happening! My concern is the potential interface with Sweet Lemon once they add the wraparound deck (designed by Gary Wang) – Kent
  • Meditative spiral, benches, roses
  • No smoking sign
  • Chess table
  • Landscaping
  • Area for live music
  • Water fountains
  • There should be a white UFO with a ladder in the bottom with a trap door on top
  • There should be a climbable structure for kids to play and climb on
  • Native landscaping, butterfly/bird habitat/edibles/work with master gardeners
  • Suggest no integration with Sweet Lemon (businesses change over time)
  • Quite, contemplative, green, grown-up space
  • Clear connection, gateway to Main Street
  • Make it about Georgetown and its founders
  • Playscapes, fountains, etc. can be found anywhere, Pflugerville, Taylor, Round Rock, Don’t lose our heritage
  • Please, no kid attractions, two driveways between park and 600 Degrees, and drivers backing out cannot see little people running up and down the sidewalk
  • Leave as is- need greenspace, not more playscapes
  • Flexible green space with seating/ tables (no smoking) and native plants/herb garden/educations garden space
  • Make historic aspect of park more clear and tie elements into history
  • If play feature for kids, keep it more natural to blend with landscape or tie in history
  • Bike rack
  • I’d like to see the sidewalks moved to the curb (less impact on the tree roots)
  • I’d like to see the hardscape be more urban feel, not suburban feel
  • I like the fountain idea to create some white noise to mask car sounds